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Phidim-Taplejung Road Project-10

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Name of Project: Phidim-Teplejung road Project

Contract No. RCSP/NCB/PT-10

Specific works completed

Earth work in excavation : 7242.32 Cu.m, Embank filling: 15266.33 cu.m, Sub Base: 25678.76 cu.m, Base work:m 9659.55 cu.m, Bitumen asphalt Carpeting: 1865.21 cu.m, Prime Coat: 62294.86 Sq.m, Brick Masonary: 1520.91 cu.m, Gabin Work: 568.82 cu.m, Concrete Work: 438.96 cu.m, Hume Pipe: 90 Rm.

Name of Employer: Road Connectivity Sector i Project, Phidim –Teplejung Road Project, Phidim Panchthar