Projects Babai Irrigation Project (Dunduwa River Protection Work)

Babai Irrigation Project (Dunduwa River Protection Work)
 Project Category: Irrigation & River Training Project
 Status: Completed

Description of project

Name of Project: Extension of Main Canal with related Structures from CH. 30+685 to 33+970 
Employer Address: Department Of Irrigation, Babai Irrigation Project, Baidi Bardiya
Contract No: NCB/P2/068/069
Site Address: Dunduwa River, Bardiya
Start Date: 6th July 2012
Completion Date: 3rd June 2015
Key work:
Earthworl in Excavation: 13647.32 Cu.m
Earthwork in Filling: 88389.14 Cu.m
Concrete Work: 4475.69 Cu.m
Reinforcement Work: 234300 Kg
Boulder Filling in Gabion: 3916.82 Cu.m

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