Projects Kamala Khola Irrigation Project

Kamala Khola Irrigation Project
 Project Category: Irrigation & River Training Project
 Status: Completed

Description of project

Name of Project: Construction of Concrete Headworks and Canal Structures of Kamala Khola Irrigation Project, Chaulachuli, Ilam
Employer Address: Eastern Regional Irrigation  Directorate, Irrigation Development Division, Ilam
Contract No: EIDD1/MIP/KK-I
Site Address: Kamala Khola, Chaulachuli, Ilam
Start Date: 3rd Sep. 2014
Completion Date: 3rd Apr. 2016
Key work:
Earthworl in Excavation: 11185 Cu.m
Boulder filling: 2236 Cu.m
Gabion Work: 22880 Cu.m
Concrete: 2820 Cu.m

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