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Ilam Town Water Supply and Sanitation Project

Name of Project: Ilam Town Water Supply and Sanitation Project

Contract No: 01-064-065

Starting Month/Year: 2065-01-20

Ending Month/Year: 2067-7-25

Specific Works Completed:

Slow and Filter, Disinfection Chamber, Sand wash Platform, Washout Valve chamber Main line Connection Valve Chamber Gatch drain and Structure Works, Earthworks – 6575 Cum, RCC Works – 494.402 m³, Reinforcement – 3575 Cum, Gravel – 374.24 m³, Stone Masonry – 194.25 m³, Shuttering Works – 1370.01 Sqm, Fencing Works – 1110 RM

Name of the Employer: Department of Water Supply and Sewerage, Water Supply and Sanitation Division Office, Ilam

Final Amount: Nrs. 2,07,28,378.31 (Work Done Amount till date: NRS. 2,0423,633.51)