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Marking for Runway, Apron, Taxiway and Air side Roads at TIA

In nearly three decades, Nepal is finally constructing the second international Airport by 2018. Following the invitation by the Civil Aviation Authority, a Chinese contractor will come to Nepal to give a bank guarantee.

Nepal’s southern neighbor does not prefer a Chinese contractor in its vicinity and the process was delayed due to this reason. Given the warming up of the relations between the two giants, there seems to be some change in the horizon regarding Nepal’s position vis-à-vis the project.

If planned to go as usual, Nepal will have three international airports within very short nautical miles. As the construction process of Gautam Buddha International Airport is at the final stage, this will give an alternative airport, close to Kathmandu’s International Airport.

Although Nepal has proposed two other international airports at Nijgadh and Pokhara in the proximity of Tribhuwan International Airport, their construction process is yet to begin.