Message From Deepak Gautam / Managing Director


Gajurmukhi Nirman Company is built on a legacy that has stood the test of time. Technological and design excellence, and a discerning eye for quality and safety are some of the characteristics that distinguish Gajurmukhi’s tradition for perfection in its areas of operation.Gajurmukhi Nirman Company is amongst the largest physical infrastructure construction companies in Nepal. Its track record spans significant landmark projects built over several decades, with a prominent presence across all sectors of civil engineering, design and construction. It has a track record of building landmark structures.Besides its large scale of operations in the Construction and Infrastructure domain, Gajurmukhi has a dominant presence in Road, Irrigation and Railway construction for more than past two decades.

Gajurmukhi ’s projects cover projects involving highways, track opening, Railways construction, irrigation and building construction . Gajurmukhi’s expertise also covers the design, financing, construction and operation of modern bridges, highway roads etc. These projects have significantly help in the efficient development and management of traffic in various region of Nepal. Gajurmukhi is also active in the Social Infrastructure sector through its operations in the realty project segment. 

Gajurmukhi is also been awarded by Asian Development Bank (ADB), Gold Medalist Company for the Year 2013 AD (2070 B.S.) and Silver Medalist Company for the Year 2012 AD (2069 B.S.) announced by Federation of Contractor Association Nepal (FCAN) . Currently Gajurmukhi Nirman Company has a strong talent base of over 1000 employees, officers and staff working under its aegis at its corporate office and various project sites. It further engages more than 500, labor/staff on daily wage basis. Its current in Hand Project Value is approximately around 42 Million USD under the various national level projects awarded by Government of Nepal and other private sectors.


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